Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The LAST day of School!

Yeah I kind of got messed up on my count down... But today IS the last day of school. I can't believe my twins are now second graders. This year was full of challenges - being in school all day, being in separate classes etc. But the boys handled it with such grace. I think I had a way harder time with it than they did. They had a great year - learned a lot and learned to love school (even as they are THRILLED that it is summer break!) I am so proud of them.
For their last snack as first graders (sniff) they had raisin bread with cream cheese and apple slices.
For lunch they had pizza, berries and carrot sticks.

What I've learned form packing lunches regularly this year...

1. The boys eat a LOT of pizza!
2. I was pretty good about packing a lot of fruits but almost no vegetables.
3. I really DID for the most part enjoy making their lunches each day. I think knowing their were people out there checking out the blog really helped - so thanks!

I'm sure I will have opportunities over summer break to pack lunches so I will continue to post occasionally. Whats For Lunch At Our House is hosting a "What's For Lunch Wednesday" with an opportunity to share lunches so I hope to do that along with some more Muffin Tin Mondays

Happy Summer Everyone!


  1. Aww Happy Summer!! Only two more days for my kid :( How did the year end so fast?

    Raisin bread looks yummy!

  2. My girl is done next Thursday. And I am also guilty of "tons of fruit, nearly no veggies." She gets more veggies at home... but it's a summer project to find more veggies that she likes well enough to pack in her lunch!

    Happy Summer!

  3. It's hard to pack veggies for me too! They eat a lot at home, but what they prefer don't stay at the right temps for easy packing.

    Happy summer!! :)