Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day in the Park Lunch

The plan was to go to the pool today but it was closed (due to something you don't want to read about on a food blog...) so we headed to the park instead to play at the playground and in the fountain. Fun times!
This was 3.75 year old A's lunch. Peanuts, cheese flowers, chocolate cake from Fathers day, carrots, rice crackers and raspberries. As A shoved three cheese flowers in his mouth at once I asked him "did you see that I cut the cheese onto flower shapes?" His answer "huh?" :) Yes, I definitly do it for my own entertainment... Do any boys appreciate stuff like that or are they all like mine?
7.75 year old S and E had lunches like this one above. Cream cheese and jelly sandwiches, grapes, chocolate cake and cucumber slices. I go back and forth about cutting the crusts off their sandwiches. E ate his today but S threw his away. Sometimes I think they eat more of the sandwich if I cut the crusts off but then other times they still leave a strip of "crust" even if I cut the actual crusts off! Maybe it just depends on how hungry they are.
Here is my lunch - some coconut milk yogurt I was anxious to try (though ended up not being fond of), a corn muffin, grapes and a nectarine.

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  1. Tasty looking lunches! Most of the time Kidlet is the same way with his food...if I want recognition I have to point out the cuteness before he starts eating :P otherwise it is lost in a blur of starving little boy

  2. Thanks for the info Jenn. I'm glad to know that my boys aren't the only ones. :)

  3. Yep, lost on a boy!

    We received some cute LunchPunches today for a review & giveaway.

    Me: Ben, look how cute this sandwich cutter is, it's elephants! (Side note, he loves elephants.)
    Ben: OK, will you make me a sandwich now?

    Faith gets back on Friday, someone needs to appreciate this stuff besides me!

    Thanks for linking up this week! :o)