Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Circle Sandwiches for the Pool

I packed some lunches to take to the pool tomorrow.
The boys had circle sandwiches with berries.
I had a deconstructed sandwich. Since I was packing these the night before, I didn't want to make the sandwich. I figured it would get soggy by tomorrow. So I packed bread, cheese, tomato, pickles and mustard in the little penguin to make up a sandwich tomorrow. And some blueberries on the side. Hope this works out ok...
Here are lunches for me and the three boys along with an extra container of fruit since I know they will want more.


  1. We were going to do a pool on Thurs, too, since it's going to be so hot! I can bring the wetsuit by your house if E needs it.

  2. Those look GREAT! I love the photo for your new header! It's so summery. :)