Thursday, April 8, 2010

Star Sandwich

The Yummiest snack ever today! Strawberries and a few pretzels to dip in chocolate frosting. Yummy! (I won't tell you how much I ate... At least I left some for the boys...)
S's teacher gave the class coupon books for Valentines Day. One of the coupons was for eating lunch with the teacher. S decided to use that one today and asked if E (who is in a different class) could join them. The teacher said yes so the boys will be eating with her today. I thought it was so cute that they think it is a treat to eat with the teacher. It turns out that the teacher gives the kids special desserts during these lunches so it is possible that eating with the teacher is not the main draw...

Anyway, given that they would be having extra treats from the teacher I packed a smaller lunch. A star shaped PB&J sandwich, some cantaloupe and blueberries.

1 comment:

  1. Ooo yum I love chocolate and strawberries! I need some for my snack too!

    Aww that's sweet that they get to eat with the teacher! Fun!