Friday, February 5, 2010

Broken snack box. :(

Snack today was graham crackers with strawberry creme cheese and some orange segments with grapes. I started out the school year with 5 boxes this size. It's a great size for the kids snack. The first three broke with in a month and a half. They were from the Disney store. You can see a photo of them below.
I then started using the red and blue ones like above and they had lasted for about four months before the blue one broke this week. I got the blue and the red ones from Ichiban Kan back when they offered things online. I'm SO SO bummed that they no longer offer that service as I live QUITE far from any of their stores... or any stores at all that carry bento stuff for that matter.... For now we are just using a strap to hold it shut but we have lost two straps already. Check out my homemade strap... Not pretty but functional. :)

Lunch today is some pita sandwiches, pear, carrots and little cookies.


  1. Those little Disney boxes are notorious for the latches breaking. I'm surprised yours lasted this long. Great idea to keep using them with a bento belt, though! I'm going to copy your idea for homemade elastic straps ;-)

  2. 2 of my 3 Disney boxes broke too. I'm afraid to even use the last remaining one!

    If you get really desperate for boxes, the Lock & Lock boxes are incredibly durable. I've had those in quick rotation for over three years now with no snafoos!

  3. Thanks guys. I was wondering if my boys were just terribly hard on their lunch boxes... Good to hear that others have had the same problems with the Disney boxes. I will check out the lock and lock boxes. Also, Melissa - I see you use the Sassy Baby meal boxes. Do you like those?? I've never seen one in person, are the similar in size to the Disney boxes?

  4. I use Lock & Lock boxes (and the generic look-alikes) most often, and they are definitely what I would recommend for durability. I have yet to have one break or leak.

  5. Hey Alie - the Sassy box can hold quite a bit more than the Disney boxes. I'd say the capacity is about double if you pack it fully. Just one side of the Sassy box can hold a whole sandwich if you cut the sandwich in half and stack the halves on top of one another you can still fit quite a lot of crackers (or what have you) to the side of the stacked sandwich halves ... and that's still only HALF the whole box! (you can maybe see what I'm talking about if you look at the bento I posted on 2/23 - that's just half a sandwich, but there is plenty of space vertically to put another half on top of it without squishing into the lid - I've done it many times before). I've been VERY happy with the Sassy box. It's a gem for sure. :)