Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cookie Cutter Sandwich

Snak today was apple and cheese.
Lunch was orange slicis, veggie bootie, a duck cutout creme cheese and jelly sandwich, a granola bar and veggies with humus to dip. I'd love to make these cookie cutter sandwiches more often. They are cute and so easy. However, I rarely seem to catch the day that we finish one loaf of bread and pull out another from the freezer/grocery store. And also we are pretty boring and usually use the same brand of bread...
A and I joined the boys for lunch today. Above is my lunch of PB&J, banana, veggies and humus.
And here is A'' lunch of veggie bootie, bananas, pasta and chicken with parmesan to sprinkle in the orange container.

Does anyone know a good way to pack banana in lunch boxes? S and E always complained that they get to "old looking and smelly" so I stopped packing bananas for them. The two lunches above were packed just an hour and a half before we ate them and we still had that problem somewhat. Our whole lunches smelled like banana!


  1. Banana skins are just too sensitive. If you're cutting the banana at all, you're going to have the old/smelly problem. Then there's the squishing issue, which just makes it worse. I think it's best to leave bananas for an at-home snack.

  2. I have been told that Banana Bunkers work quite well, but their shape can be, ahem, embarrassing...

  3. LOL on the Banana bunkers Amy... I don't think we'll go that route but thanks for the laugh! :)

    I guess we will take your advise and just keep the banana's for home snacks.

  4. Might make them a little bit more kid friendly by writing on them. They might look past the brown spots if they have their name or something on them. Look it up on Google :)