Monday, December 7, 2009

MTM- Christmas Breakfast

I had thought that making a Muffin Tin Monday breakfast on a Monday morning would not exactly work for me but I woke up eary so decided to give it a shot. Here is A's Christmas-y breakfast. Top row = "fairy" bread tree (toast with cream cheese and sprinkles, scrambled eggs, and very cinnamon-y apple sauce. Bottom row = grapes, a star shaped piece of ham and more eggs. We actually usually have cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning breakfast (when we are home at least) but I didn't make any. I figured the applesauce and fairy bread would suffice as something "treat like".

A liked his breakfast a lot. His big brothers liked it also since of course I had to make them a special breakfast too. They were ok with just eating it off a plate. :)

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