Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Zoo Lunch

Dh was off today due to Veterans Day. E and S still had school unfortunately but Dh, A and I decided to go to the zoo this morning. Fun fun! We packed lunches of course...
Here is A's lunch. He had grapes, carrot sticks, a candy bar, a cheese stick,a slice of turkey on skewers and some crackers. He ate all but the carrots and he ate a bunch of Mom and Dad's food too! He must be growing..
Here is my lunch, two rice cakes with turkey, cheese and mustard, pickles, grapes and some candy.
And lastly, here is Dh's lunch. On the bottom is a layer of grapes and carrot sticks which you can't see. The top layer is a turkey and cheese sandwich, nuts and candy.
Here they are all stacked up! Lunch for the mama bear, papa bear and baby bear. I was thrilled to find that when empty, these three containers all fit inside each other too! - I'm easily amused...

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