Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mock "Lunchable" again

Snack today was apples and some cereal - "Wild Puffs" I think it is called.
S told me the other day that he noticed that his friend had a cool lunch. When I asked him about it I realized he was talking about a lunchables lunch with crackers, cheese and meat. I guess it was just a matter of time until they noticed lunchables. They seem to be very popular at their school. Anyway, I told him I could make him a lunch like that and in fact I already did. He said "that was kind of like it but my friend had thick pieces of meat." Got it. So the next time I was at the deli I asked for some ham cut thickly and used it to make todays lunch. The boys both said it was good though not exactly like their friends....

In the top container the boys had crackers, candy bar and pear. On the bottom they had monterrey Jack cheese, cheddar cheese, ham, peperoni and a granola bar. They both left some of the crackers and cheese. I wonder if they wold have eaten more cheese if I had cut it "pretty" like the ham?

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