Monday, November 23, 2009

Award: Kreative Blogger

Thanks Astrid for the award! Here are 7 things about me.

1. I used to work as a structural engineer before having kids. That was so long ago (7+ years)!
2. I watch almost no TV.
3. I love to organize and hate to clean so I have a clutter free but filthy house.
4. I picked my college based on which did NOT require a public speaking course.
5. I have Crohns disease.
6. For 7.5 years I ate a diet with no grains, sugar, lactose, potatoes or corn in an attempt to control my Crohns disease.
7. I am embarrassed to tell most people that I keep a blog about what I pack my kids for lunch each day. :)

I know I'm supposed to pass this on but.... I'm lazy... And everyone seems to have gotten it already...

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