Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pasta with chicken or eggsalad

Snack today was Asian pear and crackers with cheese. Yum! It is official - all three of my Disney store snack boxes are broken. :( They little tabs broke off all three. We shall see if these boxes last any longer. I have a feeling that my boys are just a little too rough on the tabs.
E's lunch is on the left and S's is on the right. They both have pasta, cantaloupe flowers and strawberries. E has egg salad and the orange container has Parmesan cheese to shake on the pasta which I told him to share with S. S has chicken and the yellow topped container has BBQ sauce. I'm hesitant to send these little "condiment" containers as they hardly have enough time to eat let alone add condiments. But I was with them at lunchtime today and they managed just fine.
Above is A's lunch which is the same as E's by A's request. A however really does not like egg salad. He insisted he did but he "changed his mind" by the time we got to the cafeteria. Oh well...
Here is my yummy lunch. Red pepper and tomato soup, cheese quesaldillas , the remains of the cantaloupe that I cut the flowers from and some strawberries. The soup is Pacific Natural Foods brand. It comes in a carton. I wish I knew how to make a link... Anyway it is VERY good!

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